Who is Teamvision?

The scope of Teamvision's performance has recently been extended and today, Teamvision offers a wide range of consulting services in the management area, which promotes business development.
Through our expert consultants network, we are committed in delivering value to our customers by a service specialization and personalization, taking into account each business area. However, it is only possible to develop successful projects if we know the market.
By using the right tools to anticipate trends and market potential, our team has all the means to create an innovative project. Being aware of all the changes that are coming up, we meet our customers' needs.



We intend to extend the franchising concept worldwide, and to disclose our clients' services and businesses, through our multidisciplinary network.


Teamvision's mission is to provide a global and excellence service worldwide, in order to provide customized management consulting services for all customers, supporting them in pursuing their business goals.


With the roots of Onebiz Group's multiculturalism and its strong presence in the market where it owns leadership, Teamvision has the following values:

  • Complicity

  • All our customers have an unique and exclusive service
  • Innovative

  • The projects developed by Teamvision always have in mind the market where they intend to be developed
  • Creativity

  • We make business proposals with enough creativity and in order to achieve our client's success
  • Multidisciplinary

  •  We work each business area as one unique business

The Team

Our commercial policy is based on personalized treatment, confidentiality and excellence on service. Our goal is on differentiating through the quality of our services.
Teamvision's resources are our main value and we keep improving it having an adequate training to provide different services in different business areas.


E-book Franchising

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