Franchising is an extremely effective way to grow a brand's reputation and to expand a business.

After a careful economic viability analysis and strategic planning on the system's implementation, franchising means technical procedures standardization, in order to transfer the franchisor's know-how for the future network.

Teamvision gives the client a complete set of services in order to develop their business idea and to become part of a franchise system.

Network Expansion

  • Expansion Plan
  • Internationalization
  • Importing and exporting franchising brands
  • Communication and promotion
  • National and international fairs and events representation
  • Franchisees selection
  • Outsourcing of the franchising expansion department


  • Projects adjustments to external markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Identifying local partners and foreign investors

Support for new franchisors

  • Viability Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Plan
  • Geographic distribution plan
  • Franchise manuals
  • Support materials
  • Information systems and new technologies
  • Consulting

Network Management

  • Consulting
  • Organizational management
  • Financial management
  • Auditing
  • Franchising manuals
  • Information systems and new technologies
  • Internal communication
  • Consulting

Marketing, Comunication and Promotion

  • Relationship with the media
  • Public relations in the franchising area
  • National and international fairs and events representation
  • Marketing solutions
  • Design & Web


  • Seminars
  • Specific training
  • Workshops

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